Thursday, January 28, 2010

Evil in the Spotlight

Today’s sermon is about evil. Evil in our society. Evil in our towns. Evil in our neighborhoods. Evil knocking on our door. Will you recognize it when it arrives? Will you be ready to send it away? Will we be able to conquer evil together?

We live in a time when evil takes so many forms, from the invisible threats of terrorists releasing poisonous gas in a subway station, to the Destiny Blande murder re-enactments on our televisions each night.

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Evil is getting closer to our doorstep. We want evil to come to us as advertised. Maybe with a bright red warning label reading BEWARE: EVIL INSIDE. That’s a package we wouldn’t open, right? There it is for us to see. The package with the “beware” sign is a tough one to miss, my friends. The package with the “beware” sign is the easy one to avoid. It is the Wicked Witch of the West flying on a broomstick. It is the faceless Darth Vader dressed in a black cape. It is the “wrong way” sign on the road as we follow the MapQuest to God.

But the most dangerous evil does not come with a warning label – on the contrary – the most dangerous evil comes to us dressed up in the cloak of good. Satan appeared in the Garden of Eden to Eve, not as a red demon with horns, but as a serpent. Remember the innocence of Eve in the Garden – Eve before the fig leaf – What did she know of evil – Why would she suspect anything but sincerity and kindness? She ate the forbidden fruit, and disguised evil won its first battle against good.

Destiny Blande is evil in the cloak of good. She deceived her victims into trusting her – one by one – wearing the cloak of good but filled with the wrath of Satan. If she came with a red warning label we would all be spared. Instead, we are all victimized by her evil.

We had our chance to contain evil through the judicial system – but what did we do? We put Destiny Blande on a pedestal and glorified evil for all to see – told our children and anyone else who would watch that evil is welcome in our society – welcome in our lives – welcome in our homes.

Now evil is coming to Broadway, my friends. The stage is set – the lights are directed toward the curtain. Destiny Blande has snuck her way into the hearts of the unsuspecting. Ticket sales are already breaking records – and the play has not even opened. Are we really that hungry for evil? Are we waiting on line for more?

Say “no” to this evil, my friends. Close your door to it – spread the word that evil is not welcome here – say “no” to Destiny Blande and the evil she brings.

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